Friday, December 5, 2008

Path Less Chosen

I truly believe that the hope for a better future lies within youth...i remember how much i hated listening to teachers growing up talk about poverty, social status, economic status, racism, etc., but none of them shared my same experience because none of them really came from a minority background. I always bought into the idea of being whatever or doing whatever i wanted and working hard uncle was that for me, but he was a quiet man and didn't really about it until just before he had passed away.... anyway, there were some teachers that were really educated on social issues, just really enlightened people...but still that success story i was looking for, the story of a young Chicano that went to school, did something significant, made an impact on their community...showed younger minorities that there are options out there other than embracing the "hood life" lifestyle, following gang tends, and embracing your cultural identity.

I was given the privilege to go to school, even thought my parents didn't earn nearly enough to afford for me to go to school, i was awarded some grants and took out school loans to make it all possible. Being a first generation college student, i experienced a lot of trial and error, which is something that all first generation students face simply because they don't have someone to guide them though the process. I hated the fact that i had to struggle so much in school, and figure out what college was about (referring t everything other than curriculum) and applying and all that, but i don't blame my parents because its not their fault they didn't know what to do. When i reflect on my experience in school and making that transition wish i had someone that i could look up to and model after, someone that had a similar background as me became something or someone positive. My uncle was a great influence...but on an educational stand one in my family attended college.

Anyway, what I'm trying to get at is this...i feel like the best way to see change is to be the change you see. I just don't understand why people don't understand that. I want to be working at the high schools and colleges making sure minority youth know they have someone with a similar experience as theirs to learn from in a positive light. Basically i want to provide to students something that i felt was lacking in my academic experience. what urks me is that people don't see the bigger picture, instead they look at assets...the car i drive, my investment portfolio, my annual income...our economy has gone to shit because somewhere along the lines we have stopped investing in people and been too caught up with obtaining, or achieving, this superficial image of success that we believe is the American dream. 

not many people find something they do well at a young age...although music and education are my passions its my ability to get the best out of people is what i am good at and i just happen to do so using my music or working in education. I know i'll probably never earn a million dollars a year, drive expensive cars, own a huge mansion, or have filet mignon for dinner everyday but in all honesty i dont really want that. Thats not what motivates me...i just wish people would understand my perspective and just not be so money hungry. 

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1 time said...

u can look up to yourself or become that role model which is something that I most definitely see you doing.