Friday, December 12, 2008


Now is the time to start holding myself accountable for:

-my dreams
-my actions
-my goals

Its not that I don't hold myself accountable right now for my actions, because I do. I just feel like I have gotten to a point in my life where I sort of just got to comfortable...well maybe stagnant is the word I'm looking for. You know that feeling when you seem like you just can't get ahead?

Well in all honesty I have been making progress musically, professionally and business-wise but its the fact that I hold such high expectations upon myself that I feel like I am not measuring up. I have my closest friends telling me that I need to calm down and take baby steps, but I feel like I have so much that I need to get done its hard to just walk away from it to give myself type to recoup physically and mentally, and the fact that iIhaven't given myself a break has been taking a toll on my body.

I need to learn my limitations as well improve a health living style...because obviously being a work-a-holic isn't working out for me. I'll touch on that in another blog

One common theme that I have been noticing with myself and with my friends is that we all have goals, not all of them are similar, but still we are goal oriented. My friend Mr. Notes and I had a conversation about how as friends it is our responsibility to hold each other accountable for achieving our goals. Relying on one another and depending on one another, not as a crutch for accomplishment, but for support mentally and physically when the road gets dark and your vision gets dreary. Someone that will keep your mind focused but not let you over work yourself while simultaneously keeping you on track for success.

So this is dedicated to my family, my friends and colleagues...the road to success is often under construction...I check you, you check me...just how its supposed to be.

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