Saturday, July 2, 2011


"PLANKING= slavers stacked slaves on plank beds face down,hands chained to there waist & called planking there slaves..."

I haven't really found the humor in this recent obsession [click here for images of planking] that has hit pop culture, and now I understand why. I've seen kids all over taking pictures of themselves looking stiff as a board.. I've seen my peers indulge in the moment. I just hope that those that do know about history are taking the time to share this with our youth. Too many people, not just children, are walking around uninformed and not because the information isn't readily available or accessible -- some people just don't care

Maybe it was just me. Maybe my struggle to find out where I belonged led me to dive into finding out where I came from. I can never get enough knowledge, history, and stories from my family. My grandparents especially. There were many sacrifices, many set backs, and many struggles that happened, but my family and my community still made it to where we are today. Now WE -- you and I -- are blessed with the burden of responsibility.

I believe that if people know better then they will do better.  I hope the above image isn't what they are looking to imitate or recreate.

what are your thoughts?

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Anonymous said...

It is another example of turning oppression into entertainment. Something that will continually effect the pace of progress in this community.