Sunday, June 26, 2011

Save Your Work. [life lesson]

I can't sleep. So I'm writing.

I've been on a bit of a hiatus from blogging in the last couple weeks -- almost a month, actually. Yeah, I posted a couple videos I liked here and there; just to stay in the groove...but I haven't really written anything or even picked up my camera to take any pictures recently since I returned from my grandmothers funeral in Texas. I'm not sure if discouraged is the word to use, but I just haven't feel too inspired lately because of some recent events.

I'm sure its a combination of the stress that life produces... The heavy heart from the recent loss of my grandmother. The frustration of losing all my work as a photographer, musician and writer. Losing the funding for my grad school classes because of a policy change. The uneasiness I have each time I've received a text in the last month when my grandmother (paternal) and/or grandfather are sent to the hospital.

Out of everything I touched upon, only one was within my control to be completely avoidable. Saving my work. I thought I had a secure way of saving it all, but I've found out the hard way that I was wrong. When I bought my last laptop I purchased an external hard drive to save all my work on. I figured all my computers in the past crashed because I saved too much on the hard drives, in an effort to preserve the life of my computer...well yeah. I lost my hard drive. Everything was on there. Well, everything but the AG One and ENOGA catalogs. At the moment, not all hope is lost -- I still have a friend that may be able to get the data transferred over to a new hard drive....but we'll see

In the meantime I'm researching servers to save and back up all our work -- especially our catalogs. But this was definitely a hard lesson to learn. Computers don't last forever, external hard drives dont last forever, CD's dont last forever.

So remember, saving everything isn't enough, it all needs to be backed up.

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