Monday, November 23, 2009


As the pages turn, my life progresses..
Every minute I have this empty presence.
Every day with out her, my heart grows colder
like i sold my soul, can't stop thinking about her.
She goes through her days, but when they turn to night
she puts her face in the pillows to hide the tears that she cries.
she looks up to the lord with her blurry eyes, asks:
"Please, oh please, God tell me?"
What did i do to deserve such a fate?
I've been loyal to you, never questioned my faith
Now you got me all twisted and food lost its taste
And the beauty of life is slowly slipping away...

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1 time said...

Sounds more like remorse or even regret in the way things turned out. We can always change our position, no matter how slight, feeling caged in and stuck in a particular position is like incarceration and no escape makes people do crazy things. Either in the physical or the mental, stay free!