Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I fight for love, and peace of mind.

"I fight for love, and peace of mind" is what I said to her.

Yesterday I was having a conversation with a friend about how I like to debate and sometimes start a discussion defending a point of view that I might not necessarily agree with just because i enjoy playing devils advocate. She told me that I was more of the fighter-type person opposed to the lover-type person she assumed i was...and my response was, "I fight for love, and peace of mind."

There are times when you just say something in response to someone, where the emotion and sentiment is so real and genuine..when you look back at it you're like "Damn, that was a great statement." That's how I feel about that line. Its been in my head for the last two days and I intend to work into a song or poem real soon.

It stems from a recent decision I've made in my personal life. I had decided to go back to school and work on my masters in communication management. My emphasis was Health and Social change...from reading the course descriptions and program outline, it seemed to be right up my alley. When I get there, its nothing like what i expect. Although everything i was learning was great, it had nothing to do with where i am in my career or where I would want to be later in life. Every project we had I found ways to relate it to music or the music industry. The class was called "Communication of values, behaviors and attitudes," and all the class had to do with was ads, advertising and ad campaigns. On the flip side the professor did think my point of view was innovative and my paper topics were refreshing...but still my mind and my heart weren't in it. So with inspiration from a conversation I had with a dope up-and coming emcee, Akapela Jonz, I decided to walk away from the program.

Now, its a complicated situation. School was always going to be my Plan B...and walking away from it would mean i am solely relying on plan I am still looking for a program that'll fit where i want to be and what i want to do, but until i really need to go back i don't see a reason to pursue it just yet. I am finding a lot of success with AG One at the moment and spreading myself too thin would only mean taking away less energy that could go into making a strong presence with the label.

Like I said before, I was inspired by a conversation I had with Akapela Jonz in one of our first meetings. He was telling me the name of his project Don't Quit Your Day Job, and where the idea had come from. Basically he was saying don't give up your dreams, which I just didn't understand at do you get pursue your dreams if you DON'T quit your day job? Jonz continued to explain to me with the rhetorical question, "what do you spend most of your time thinking about...regardless of where you are, what your doing or what your working on?" He said to me whatever it is that consumes your mind for a majority of the day...that thing that occupies your thoughts all day and all night, that is your day job...and you can't give that up.

Of course, i played it off like, "oh yeah son, that's a dope with it, I'm excited to see where you take it." But it wasn't until recently that it all kind of sank in, and I should probably thank him for it the next time i see him. For Right now though, I need to stay true to myself, my people and my goals. Its time to put my energy into what has always been on my mind; music.

We are in Year 2 of officially establishing AG One Entertainment, and its looking even more promising with every new day and every new accomplishment.

Thank you for the love and support, and more importantly for me helping me keep my mind right when its gets off course.


1 time said...!

Its been done as all ideas in music have. Just knew I heard of it before and wanted to share it with u.

Randy Z. said...

Thanks reed, i'll let him know.