Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My birthday Celebration

So my birthday celebration started with the Friday before my birthday by going to the dodger game with the fam. My play sister got us tickets with her I copped tickets for the fellas and brought them along...Juan has been a dodger fan for a while but it was cliff's first game and Marvin's 2nd...yo, the night was dope!

You know me and notes had to take a picture after the game with the field in the background....but telephoto lens and two big men equals not being able to see the field in the background.

Saturday we shot out to Riverside to see Common. The concert was dope, Com rocked the show. He got the crowd involved, had the people moving and it was just a great high energy event. Amanda was the coordinator for the whole gig. I have not seen a Spring Splash concert done so well in all my years at UCR. From the dope Graffiti you see behind us, to the amazing artist line up...big ups to Amanda!

They day of. So I am a cinco de mayo baby. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures with my family...but all the fellas, minus a couple, made it out to the house since my moms was preparing enchiladas and baked a cake. Yes, they ALL talked smack about me being 24 and having cake and ice cream for my birthday...but none of them turned down a plate! After the family stuff we headed out to El Torrito for taco Tuesday and then out to Downtown Fully to check out what DJ Roial 1 was spinning at Florentines....his play lists are ill...he is a dope DJ. He really understands a crowd and knows what will make them move. I think people forget that its the DJ that makes any spot dope...and when you pay a cover charge to get into a spot your paying for the DJ that is pick your shows wisely.

Including my family...this is who i spent the night time portion of my birthday with. Sadly, my dude Juan's car broke down on him so he couldn't make it out...but it was a beautiful night. I had my people with with me. I felt the loved. I haven't been one to celebrate my birthday...and in all honesty its probably because my 21st was so traumatic seeing how it was the day of ray's viewing. But even before then I just haven't been one to celebrate.

I am so blessed...from my brothers, to my family, to the fellas and every one else that is in my life...I embody all of their influences...whether it be in my work, my actions or my music...their impact is strong.

I feel that 23 was a great year and I accomplished a lot and grew so much within a short time. I took risks, and followed my instincts (haha..not those ones) ...I messed up, but I learned from it.

So I just want to thank everyone in my life for making this year such a great year...and thank you in advance for the years to come. And of course thank you to big guns up stairs for giving me another day, and beautiful one at that.

Be Safe.

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