Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Longevity in Music.

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."

There are artists that are timeless, and artists that move with the time. Its a fine line that you have to walk but I believe the most successful artists are those who are able to recreate themselves without compromising the integrity of their artistry. I look up to the artists who's music seems to always fit the time. Whenever you hear it, you can still relate it to daily life.

On one hand, I strive to write what I THINK people can relate to or what they'll like...but it doesn't always work out for me. I come up with what I think is a really dope punch line or play on words and I might not get a reaction from the crowd that i was hoping for.

Well the other day, I was talking to a friend about this...and now that I think about it the explanation I giving right now probably had nothing to do with her original question...oh well, that's just how my mind works. Anyway, I was telling her about how sometimes I write pieces that are self reflective or just talking about something I've recently been through, or a part of, and I get a lot of positive feedback from those pieces. Those pieces that seem to be too unique or just so crazy that you wouldn't think other people could relate, but they do. Its so ill having someone come up to you and be like, "Yo man, that NLC piece...I'm LIVING that second verse right now!"

So I guess you could say I had a mini revelation while writing this blog. Maybe its more of a question, or even a theory. The way to writing a timeless piece is to write about emotions, or how things make you feel or how it affects you...since history seems to find a way of repeating, that would make emotions/feelings/reactions timeless...I suppose.

With my theory in affect, that makes me question if am now writing to appeal to the people or am I still writing to express myself, my opinions, my thoughts and that just so happen to appeal to the a timeless fashion. :)

only one way to find out...I need to put out some new music!

my goal for the end of summer is 3 new joints.


Jen said...

If I spent enough time doing the research, I could probably find a line from any artist, any album, in any genre to described how I feel at any given moment. Longevity in Music lives in the ginuine nature and energy of its content. No matter how unique our experiences are as individuals there's a track that seemingly tells our life story through the melody's ability to connect with our emotions, and the song's uncanny way of telling a part of our personal story.

Randy Z. said...


thank you for reading and responding. You proved the point i'm trying to line, let alone one song from an artist doesn't constitute a successful career. It is being able recreate that feeling or connection with the listener in every song. That is where the longevity of a career comes into play.