Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Continuous Play part 1

A couple weeks ago I was at a fish fry with my friends. While sitting around, Cliff asked everyone at the table what their all-time favorite album was -- the album that they could listen to over and over again and not get tired of. For me, I couldn't answer. I am all over the place with my musical tastes to be able to narrow my choice down to just one album.

This last week I have been reflecting on what albums I like to listen to. Since my taste is somewhat diverse I figure I would break it up into two posts -- this one will be on hip hop. Its rare to find an album in any genre I can listen to them in its entirety -- from beginning to end without skipping a song. For me, these are them:

The Renaissance - Q-Tip
This album is one of my favorite albums, hands down. I often argue with Cliff about which albums is Q-Tips best. I say This one, and Cliff always sides with "Amplified". In all honesty, both are dope albums. I think I just chose this one because its actually what was playing in my car this morning.

Biyani - Blue Scholars

My line brother put me up on game when it came to the Blue Scholars. The first song I ever heard from them was No Rest for the Weary, and from there I was a fan. I love that they possess the essence of the old school Producer/DJ and Emcee duo. The production sometimes has unique elements, but doesn't lose familiar sound of hip hop. I admire their dedication to empower the people -- true activists.

Fishscale - Ghostface Killah

This was definitely one of my best purchases during my college career. The album is solid. As great as the follow up album, "More Fish" was, That seem more like a compilation of songs that didn't make the cut for "FishScale." The Production knocks -- but Just Blaze never really has a weak track. Lyrically, Ghost is one of the more influential writers on my own writing and if it wasn't for my little bro, I probably wouldn't have as much of an appreciate for Ghost as I do.

Reasonable Doubt - Jay Z

A classic. Ironically it was my friend Mischalay who gave me my first copy of this album my freshman year of college. Back in the dorms I told her I had a brand new ipod with no music, and a few minutes later she dropped off a couple GIANT books of cd's -- that looked like this! I spent days uploading music...I could listen to this album any time and it is just so timeless.

Finding Forever - Common

I dont know what it was about this album, but it was definitely one of my favorites. Now granted, I've been a fan of Common for a long time and this is arguable the most pop he has gone (with the exception of endless summer)...but I loved it. I had this on repeat in my elantra back in college. I might be the topics he spoke on or where I was in life, but for me I could listen to this all day. The production on this project really influence my style as producer. Its a given that as a writer Common's catalog of music has been very influential.

Honorable Mentions:
Busta Rhymes - Big Bang
Kanye West - Homecoming
Common - Be
Big Pun - Capital Punishment

Now please do not get this confused....this is not a declaration of any kind stating that these are the best hip hop albums of all time. These are just simply some of my favorite albums because I am able to listen to continuously.

What are the hip hop albums that you can listen to on continuous play?

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Misch said...

Wow. Pulled that one out of the bag. Freshman year... I'm happy one of them was memorable. I was one of the biggest Jay fans. I had all of his albums and wore them out. However, one of my fav albums is Doggystyle, especially during the summer. This album was my first explicit rap I got around my parents to purchase. The language and content were new. The CD booklet was something I had never seen. Although not thought provoking, it's a classic and oh so Westcoast. My fav songs were Doggy Dogg World and Gz Up Hoes Down. LoL