Saturday, June 4, 2011

Divine Intervention?

Let me apologize in advance to my readers who feel that images of a cemetery are morbid. 

As some of you may know, my grandmother recently passed away and I spent a week on the road to be at her memorial services with my family in Texas. While in the process of making reservations in Fort Davis, Texas, we found out that many of the local hotels were booked up from displaced residents of the town due to brush fires.

When we arrived in Texas, the fires had stopped -- thankfully. But what was amazing to me is that the fires had completely gone around/avoided the cemetery that my grandmother was to be buried in. The adobe house -- the place my grandfather, his nine brothers and sisters, and parents called home-- that stood between the cemetery and town, gone. The house across the street that belonged to the town judge, gone. In the pictures above you can see how far spread the damage from the fire is, but the cemetery is completely untouched. 

Side bar, while on the way to the cemetery my Tio Joe (my grandfathers baby brother) was telling me how this cemetery was reserved for the Mexicans, and the "Angelo's" had their own cemetery on the other side of town -- supposedly it actually had green grass, but I couldn't confirm this.

Interesting tidbit of history.

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