Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Over the river and through the woods

About this time last year I took a road trip up to visit my grandparents in Weaverville, Ca [google it] with my cousin and his, a year later I took the SAME road trip with a DIFFERENT cousin and HIS are some pictures from our 3 day adventure.

Day 1 :
 The long road ahead..

 our way into the grapevine..

 Over the river and through the woods...

 Day 2:
 My favorite wall in my grandma's house.

standing in the drive way

 My cousin getting mad that I'm not in the car as they are about to leave for the dump

 There is no trash service in Weaverville, so we have to they have to drop it off at the dump on their own.

 My grandfather just realized I was taking pictures of him. He wasn't too happy.

 I was a native at one point in time...this tile is part of a gazebo in the town park.

 This is hanging above the stove in my grandmas kitchen.

Day 3:
 I loved that the resturant used regular ass coffee mugs to serve their tea.

Google it.

 winding roads and snow...gotta love adventure

The drive got pretty intense.

 When the windows fogged up in our rental car, we noticed two names had been written on the inside of the window..."Kathy & James"

 What the hail?!
The drive home was nice though.

All in all, spending 10 hours in a car (each way) to spend a day with my grandma was totally worth it.

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Great pics