Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gotta Start Somewhere [memoirs]

So as of recently I've let someone new into my life, and let her see me for all that I am. Granted, she may not have gotten it all in one fell swoop...but over time she's been exposed gradually -- so initial shock value isn't so brutal, which was by recommendation of my cousin. The same cousin who agreed to help me with this new project.

I was recently convinced to start working on memoirs...from stories of the hopeless romantics who met once, and corresponded through letters until the day they met again at the alter..and spent every day together until their last story of pain that was endured by an unhealthy love. Stories about revolutionaries a generation and a half away who fought along side Emiliano Zapata in the Mexican Revolution.

And of course, the impact this had on the development of a young Chicano trying to figure out his path to leaving an impression on the world.

This will be the first of many:
  • Candid memories
  • family stories
  • life lessons
  • personal experiences
  • and adventures I have yet to encounter

I hope you enjoy reading the stories my cousins and I will be reminiscing over as much as we did living them.

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youve got a lot of <3