Friday, May 28, 2010

Road Trippin: Weaverville, CA

So last friday, my cousin and I decided we would hop in the car after work and drive through the night to go visit our grandparents.
I got off work at 5pm...and my stupid ass got on the 405 freeway...why didn't I just stay on the 110?

I have no pictures of the drive through the night since, 1. I was driving and 2. it was dark. But 5:30 am...we finally made it to Weaverville.

Driving down main street on my to my grandparents house...not too much going on there. However, the population i heard doubled since i lived there in 1997. Its at a whopping 3,000 poeple..almost.

I saw this car on the way to my grandparents house. It says, "this cost 500$"

On the other side of the car it states, "I got 99 problems, and this car is one!"

Apparently this is thee spot to book in the trinity county area...they've had some major names, domestic ad int'l, come through...possible booking for Tanya Thomas?

This was hand carved using a chain saw! the detail is insane!

couple of doe across the street from my grandparents house...they've been eating my grandmas flowers and knocked down her apple tree. I broke a sledge hammer trying to get the tree propped up again.

The drive home was a lot nicer than the drive up. We drove through Trinity lake, and you can see its a beautiful view.

and of course...yours truly..

i couldn't help myself!

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