Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mile Stones and Invincibility.

So we meet again, this new plateau often mistaken for the top.
Where you get caught fixated on the view and forget to look up to where this path continues.
For a moment, you almost had me convinced.
I almost let my guard down enough to stake a claim and I've made that mistake before.
But this isn't where I belong, as beautiful and enchanting as the temptations may be, that's all they are..
Its not for me.
I travel light, just one bag.
But that bag is my world -- it contains my very existence.
Its my heritage
Its my culture
Its my being
Its my muse
Its my destination

I proudly wear scars from protecting my lone bag
There's a certain sense of pride that comes with maintaining what many aren't able to.
Over the years, my bag has been stolen many times..but I never lost possession.
Those who took it were in search of its empowerment.
But too them, Its just a picture.

-Rhythmically Yours.

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