Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Context of this text is special

I have a big list of things I'd plan to accomplish, one of which is leaving a smaller carbon footprint. When I created AG One, I was very adamant about going green. The way business works now everything is so accessible through the Internet, email, downloads, etc.

So when I come across a product, company, feature or whatever that is so amazingly wonderful and easy to use I love to share this info with my people. I was recently put on to this company called Contxts. They make paperless business cards! Its some simple, I'm kinda mad I didn't think about it but at the same time I'm glad someone did.

test it out for yourself:

Text "randyz" to 50500

My business card will arrive via SMS. I put my whole staff on it because it makes it real easy to transfer information to your contact list when its already in your phone, right? The bigger selling points, you'll never run out of business cards and you won't have to waste the paper making thousands of cards.

To the wonderful people at Contxts, thank you for your innovation.

To all our loyal fans and followers, I hope you find this useful!

- Randy Z.

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