Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Is it too much to ask for?

I don't mean consistent with the type of music you bring or the sound you create...because then you become predictable...and sometimes even boring

I am in search for consistency in work ethic. People talk about how bad they want to break into the industry, they talk about how much they want music to be their career....but they don't lay down the ground work to get themselves there.

I know people living in glass houses shouldn't cast he first stone, and I admit i haven't touched my guitar in a couple days nor have i really written anything other than personal statements...but on the flip side of that I do run a business and part of taking that on is sacrificing my career as an artist at times to work on other peoples projects.

What I want is for artists to understand that talent alone don't entitle you to success musically. Good job you can sing in tune, but i need more. I need you ready to go when you show up to work. I need sacrifice a little bit of your personal time to get work done. I really need you to understand that talent doesn't draw in a record contract on a silver platter.

"The artist is nothing without the talent, but the talent is nothing without the work."

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