Monday, November 17, 2008

Worst Enemy

I am definitely my own worst enemy, and critic. I over-think, over-analyze, demand perfection the first time...when really...nothing is every perfect the first time. Sadly that isn't just my own opinion but has been pointed out to me on numerous occasions.

Being a perfectionist is cool at times, but when it gets to the point when nothing is getting accomplished because what you have just doesn't seem good enough...then there's a problem. I could list all the things i have that need to be done, but aren't complete yet because I'm not happy with them.

This blog for example...i think i have three or four blogs written that haven't published yet...but that's just because i haven't gotten around to finishing them :)

Then there is my EP I've been working on. I have 5 songs ready to go and be recorded, and i have performed live by the way, but something just isn't quite right bout them...usually the hook.

A few poems i have...quite a few actually, i start and never finish them unless i am going to be performing one.

Any, let me get to the point of this blog. I have come to terms with one of my biggest faults, over-thinking. The only way i will ever see my progression is if i have something to show for right now and can look back on it. Whether it be with music, poetry, business...progress doesn't come without learning from mistakes...I must be content with what i have accomplished at the moment and understand that i can always add to it later...improve it and ideally make it better.

Posting this blog is a big step forward since I've been working on it for the last two days.

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